Puppies Bear, Brookie train to be therapy dogs

Bear and Brooke, nicknamed Brookie, two rescue pups who had a “rough” beginning, now have  St Louis counseling a new home at Washington University in St. Louis where they are pursuing careers as therapy dogs.

The puppies have been on the job for a week, and they already have hundreds of human pals and their very own Instagram account called Comfort Dogs of WUPD.

According to Washington University Police Director Angela Coonce:

the simple act of getting their Credentials from the DUC to the Women’s Building took two hours because everyone wanted to meet them. “Students have already inquired about giving them gifts in the form of Bear Dollars.”

Bear and Brookie will assist the emotional:

health of students and staff who are going through trauma or a crisis, according to Coonce. She made the decision to start a therapy canine programme at WashU after researching other institutions’ successes with similar initiatives. According to research, individuals who engage with therapy dogs have reduced blood pressure, less anxiety, and overall improved feelings.

Coonce, who joined WUPD in August, said:

“When I first came here, I noticed the amount of messages from students who are in distress — they are away from home or they are confronting a challenge.” “We want to enhance how we react to those inquiries as the first responders,”

The kids don’t really speak to us, our officials will say:

And I ask, “Did you want to speak with a police officer when you were 18?” Coonce declared. So far, we’ve been able to speak with kids in ways that we couldn’t have done without the dogs. They work well as introductions.

Labrador cross Brookie and Bear have glossy black coats:

floppy ears, and the kindest dispositions. Because, well, how could they not, Coonce and her fellow cops gave the male puppy the moniker Bear? Today, following an online poll, Brookie received her moniker in writing. Brookie beat out other university-inspired names like Millie (for Millbrook) and Frannie by honouring Brookings Hall (for Francis Field).

With glossy black bodies:

floppy ears, and the kindest dispositions, Brookie and Bear are Labrador cross puppies. Bear was the moniker Coonce and her fellow policemen gave to the male dog because, well, how could they not?

After an online poll, Brookie’s name was given formal status today. Other university-inspired names like Millie (for Millbrook) and Frannie were outclassed by Brookie, in recognition of Brookings Hall (for Francis Field).

Therapy canines, according to Chief Angela Coonce:

(left), help traumatised individuals feel less anxious and have lower blood pressure. On their first day on school, Bear (right) and Brookie (left) were greeted by classmates. (Images provided by WUPD)

The brothers and sisters are enjoying their increased fame:

They were about six weeks old when they were dumped in a remote Missouri landfill. The pups were saved by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who then began therapeutic training after noting their gentle

temperaments. The shelter now supports the Washington University programme by giving veterinary treatment, instruction, and nutritious meals. The canines’ companions are WUPD Officers Jesse Siefert and Greg Casem.

They had actually been cast out like garbage, according to Coonce:

Brookie and Bear are adept pupils, much like their classmates. They have so far become experts at seated and toilet training.
Coonce claimed,

“They had actually been cast away like garbage.” They now have a permanent residence.
Brookie and Bear pick things up quickly, just like their classmates. They have already perfected seated and toilet training.

“No accidents yet,” Coonce boasted:

If you haven’t met the pups yet, you can usually find them at the Bear’s Cave or strolling around campus. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s Peace Walk and Block Party, which starts at midday on Sunday,

February 26, at the Danforth University Center and ends with a celebration with Black-owned food carts in Tisch Park, will include Brookie and Bear, according to Coonce.

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